Animal Species of Oxford Island

Whether your favourite animal has 2 legs, 4 legs, 8 legs, or many legs the Oxford Island Nature Reserve is home to a wealth of animal species all of which play an important role within our environment.
With specially made bird hides dotted around the reserve everyone can enjoy the quiet bliss of bird watching without the need of expensive equipment, or maybe you prefer to enjoy the wild rabbits frolic across the Grassland fields or spot our mischievous Magpies as you drive through the reserve. Oxford Island has it all for lovers of British wildlife and all it has to offer.

Deep within the woods all our mini-beasts can be found scurrying along tending to their day for those willing to look around and under our forest floor and older log piles scattered around the pathways. You may even encounter our most important and famous mini-beast – The Lough Neagh Fly (Chironomid midge) as you journey around the reserve.

Below you can download a full species list of our birds and mammals found at the Oxford Island Nature reserve.


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