Animal Species of Oxford Island

Whether your favourite animal has 2 legs, 4 legs, 8 legs, or many legs the Oxford Island Nature Reserve is home to a wealth of animal species all of which play an important role within our environment.

With two bird watching hides on the reserve there are opportunities for all to enjoy the quiet bliss of Lough Neagh and the wide range of water fowl that make it home.  Grassland, areas of dense scrub and wooded areas all provide habitats for a diverse range of wildlife.

Look out for wild rabbits  as they frolic across the Grassland fields or spot our mischievous Magpies and Jays as you explore the reserve. Oxford Island has it all for lovers of  wildlife and has something to offer in every season

All of the habitats support a variety of invertebrates which are essential to the local ecosystem, providing food for birds, mammals and larger insects.  You may even encounter our most important and famous mini-beast – The Lough Neagh Fly (Chironomid midge) as you journey around the reserve.

Below you can download a full species list of our birds and mammals found at the Oxford Island Nature reserve.

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