Kinnego Bushcraft Centre

The Kinnego Bush Craft Centre offers courses and programmes on the practical skills of camp craft, building shelters, making fires, wild food and plant identification for fresh faced beginner through to veterans of the outdoor pursuits.

Kinnego Bush Craft also offer outdoor group and team building workshops based around nature and basic survival principals along with how and why we should care for our surrounding environment.

Courses provided my Kinnego Bush Craft Centre include:

This 1 or 2 day course offers you the chance to be a family in the old way, exploring the joys and secrets of nature together.

Our 2 day course for young people is an introduction and good grounding in all the skills necessary to survive the wilderness anywhere in the world.

This is a great introduction to bushcraft for all groups or individuals who just love nature and enjoy the outdoor experience and the company of other like-minded folk.

This is an excellent way to explore the Irish countryside and view nature close up. A great introduction to viewing wildlife of Lough Neagh, where you will learn about habitats and ecosystems, you will experience what happens at night, relationships between predators and prey and general animal behaviour.

For young interested Bushcrafters to take their skills and knowledge further, giving them the tools competent and confident in the great outdoors. Skills taught on this course are essential for anyone seeking adventure in wild places.

This is the first step taster introduction course covering all the skills of survival and wilderness living.

The ultimate wilderness experience course now offered at Kinnego Marina where all the essential skills of land and water survival are offered over a 3 day course, not for the shy individual! Full teamwork and individual approach essential on this course.

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